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Servicetaxindia.com is hosted by stvat.com, the only comprehensive online resource on Sales Tax VAT in India. Stvat.com was set up in August 2001 with the avowed object of providing a platform for exchange of ideas on the design of VAT legislation. (click to view the mission statement of stvat.com). 

stvat.com is a resounding success beyond our expectations. Stvat.com has a large user base comprising Government Officials, Tax Professionals and Taxation managers of leading corporates, trade and industry. The active participation and inputs from the viewers helped us to contribute useful inputs to several State Governments on the drafting of the VAT law. Stvat.com has emerged as the single source of reference to State Governments, Trade and Industry.

With the earnest desire of replicating the success on stvat.com, we have launched servicetaxindia.com as a platform for meaningful interaction on the drafting of the service tax legislation. We, at servicetaxindia.com, have started on this journey with a mission to mobilise public opinion to help the tax administrators design practical service tax legislation.

Service tax legislation is still part of the Finance Act. With the passing of the 95th amendment to the Constitution, it is expected that a self contained legislation for Service Tax would be enacted soon.

We believe that it is the combined responsibility of all stakeholders, to play a constructive role in designing a practical legislation. To this end, we have provided a separate menu for “suggested legislation”. We invite you to offer your suggestions for the drafting the service tax legislation.

It is our desire that servicetaxindia.com should not only be a portal on service tax but cover the entire gamut of legislation/developments relating to providing of services. The portal covers DGFT, RBI and Customs provisions relating to service sector. We have planned, in due course, greater coverage of developments relating to GATS. 


Sri S. Sridharan, Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience in both direct and indirect taxes has agreed to be the honorary editor and will be writing a regular column. S.Sridharan has presented papers on taxation in several seminars and is a consultant to several leading corporates.


M/s. Sriviven Software, publishers of India’s most popular VAT Demystified software are the initial sponsors of this mini portal.


We, at servicetaxindia.com, have taken the first step to launch the site as a platform for interaction on drafting of self contained service tax legislation. Please participate actively.



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