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Service Tax Notification No. 15/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to specify the class of persons for the purposes of section 96A of the Finance Act,1994. Service Tax Notification No. 14/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to Place of Provision of Services Rule, 2012, to prescribe or modify the place of provision of services for certain specified services. Service Tax Notification No. 13/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to Point of Taxation Rules, 2011, to prescribe the point of taxation for the services on which person liable to pay service tax is the recipient. Service Tax Notification No. 12/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to notify the interest rate applicable in cases of delayed payment of service tax for the purposes of section 75 of the Finance Act, 1994. Service Tax Notification No. 11/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to the Service Tax (Determination of Value) Rules, 2006 so as to prescribe the percentage of service portion in respect of works contracts, other than original works contract. Service Tax Notification No. 10/2014-Service Tax, Dated 11th July, 2014 - Amendment to the notification No.30/2012-ST dated 20th June,2012, so as to prescribe, the extent of service tax payable by the service provider and the recipient of service, for certain specified services.
  Authorised Service Station  
  Banking & oth fin.  
  Beauty treatment  
  Brand Promotion  
  Cargo Handling  
  Chartered Accountants  
  Const. Of Resi. Complex  
  Const. Of commercial, Indl Blds. & civil structures  
  Consulting Eng.  
  Containers by Rail  
  Cosmetic or Plastic surgery  
  Cost Accountant  
  Credit Card related  
  Credit Rating Agency  
  Custom House Agent  
  Develop. & supply of content  
  Dry Cleaning  
  Erection,commi. & install.  
  Event Management  
  Fashion Designer  
  Forward Contract  
  Genl ins. Business  
  Health Club & Fitness  
  Hospital or Clinic service  
  Ins. Auxiliary  
  Intellectual Property  
  Interior Decorator  
  Internet Cafe  
  Internet Telephony  
  Information Tech. Software  
  Legal Consul. or assistance  
  Leased Circuit  
  Life Insurance  
  Mailing list compil. & mailing  
  Maintenance or repair  
  Maint. of Medical Records  
Voluntary compliance encouragement scheme to make tax defaulters fall in line
Chandigarh service tax dept for action against defaulters
CBEC to target 12 lakh non-filers of service tax: Chidambaram
Service tax exemption to save R1,500 crore for SEZs annually
  Management Consultants  
  Management of Investment  
  Organising games of chance  
  Preferential dev. of complex  
  Processing and clearinghouse  
  Recog. or a Reg. association  
  Recog. stock exchange in relation to securities  
  Right for commercial exploitation of an event  
  Supply of tangible goods, without transferring right of possession  
  Temp. transfer of Copyright  
  Transp. of coastal goods through national waterway  
  Works Contract  
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